Watching Alice in Wonderland at the Lyric Theatre, I couldn’t help but notice all the children wide eyed, full of excitement and curiosity.

To be honest I was exactly the same, being transported to Wonderland, enjoying every minute. It reminded me of the statistic, “on average a child laughs 400 times a day. In contrast an adult only laughs 15 times”.

This is disappointing as research from Colorado University has proven a strong relationship between having fun and high performance. Although I was sceptical when Google set the trend of slides in their office to ensure employee fun, it really is a key element to create a high performance culture. When we have fun our brains are relaxed, we see things from different perspectives and we’re more creative and innovative.

Damian Hughes, author of The Five Steps to a winning Mindset, showed that even in crisis fun should be encouraged to release tension. One of the great adventurers Sir Ernest Shackleton knew this, using games to promote fun, camaraderie and hope when his ship Endurance was stuck in Antartic.

Would fun be at the forefront of your mind in a crisis?

I’d love to hear what fun ideas or tips you have for yourself or your team.