“There are two forms of leadership; leadership by consent, with the sympathy of followers and by far the most effective and leadership by force, without consent or sympathy of followers. History is filled with evidence that leadership by force cannot be endured. The downfall and disappearance of dictators and kings is significant, where people will not follow forced leadership indefinitely. Those who belong to the old school of leadership by force, must acquire an understanding of the new brand of leadership. Leadership through engaging is the brand that will endure!”
Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill.

An extract from the book Think and Grow Rich I read this morning, and thought today this paragraph was poignant for two reasons.

Firstly today is World Suicide Prevent Day. One of the most influential impacts on anyone’s working environment is their line manager. Leaders are continuously under more pressure to do better, achieve higher results and sometimes don’t realise their impact on others. I’ve experienced leaders at both end of this spectrum, and witnessed their impact on others around them and the business.

Secondly if there was ever a business reason to watch leadership by force, it’s in the last week in the political world. One of the most famous new political leaders, with undoubtedly a dictatorship style has endured numerous loses in a week. Not a good record for any leader.

Inspirational leaders know when to tell people what to do, but more often use different styles and techniques to get the best from their team and engage them to follow. I’m so lucky to work with these inspirational leaders on a regular basis.

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