This was a key lesson I got from an experienced leader recently. I remembered this last week when developing two skills, taking my first ever calligraphy class and further developing my coaching skills at the Coaching Development Training. There are important lessons in this both for employees learning new skills and leaders teaching others.

I recognise it myself and witness it in others the pressure people put themselves under and the frustration when learning a new skill. My advice, although I find difficult myself is to be easier on yourself when you start. I focus on one new thing each time to improve what I’m learning. That means I can see the progress quickly and find doing this means I don’t get overwhelmed with what I can’t do.

In leadership when teaching others, it’s important to give real clarity and direction and specific focused feedback. I often hear things like, they just don’t have common sense. Sure, you would know how to do that. I always say, common sense is only common to what each of us know ourselves. People often say knowledge is power, but I don’t agree. I feel knowledge is only powerful based on how we use it or what we do with it. I believe it’s the responsibility particularly of experienced leaders to pass on their knowledge and wisdom, and I was so lucky to spend a few hours with Karen Dean a master coach who was delighted to pass on her knowledge and wisdom. I’d love to hear what knowledge or advice you have passed on recently and what impact it has had on others.