Thank you Gary Doherty, for the amazing Think Self-Belief event recently, which was a great success and huge energy in the room. As one of the speakers, I thought I’d share with you my story and key lessons one at a time.

My first lesson in self-belief came at 14 years old. At that age I had grown up in a family business, learning business lessons around the kitchen table from 5 years old. I started my first business at 14 running buses to local nightclubs as we lived in the countryside. It was an important community service, to enable us teenagers to get out and socialise. One Tuesday afternoon I sat in Home Economics and listened to past pupil Deirdre Martin talk about her placement year in Marks and Spencers London. That day I decided instantly I was going to do my placement in Marks and Spencers when I went to University. Roll forward 8 years, and I walked through the doors of their head office in Baker Street to start my placement. I learnt from this, and so many other occasions throughout my business the importance of jumping and saying yes instantly before your brain gets time to think about it, and gives you reasons not to do it.

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich outlines the number one reason of successful people is they make decisions quickly and change their mind slowly. Tim Gallway, an international Coach talks about paralysis by analysis, and how detrimental it can be for people’s success and achieving their goals. As soon as you say yes to something, your mind automatically starts to think about ways you will achieve this.

I’d love to hear what action you have taken recently, where you instantly said yes and what the outcome was.