Thank you, Gary Doherty, for the amazing Think Self-Belief event recently, which was a great success and huge energy in the room. As one of the speakers, I thought I’d share with you my story and key lessons one at a time.

As a leader I always proactively look for things my team have done well to give them praise. I’m not talking about creating a false sense of security or looking for things that aren’t actually there because good people know it’s not real or authentic and they won’t trust you. I’m intrigued by why as human beings we focus on the negatives and the things we don’t do well and beat ourselves up about these. Yet when we achieve success the feeling only lasts a very short time. When training as a coach, I had lots of growing pains and new things to learn and beat myself up so many times when I didn’t do something well. I’ve learnt the importance now of positivity and constructive feedback with myself personally. Steve Chandler, author of The Prosperous Coach said it’s not enough to know you’re good at something you need to know why you’re good at it. Now I constantly reflect on what I have done well, and how I made it happen so I can easily repeat it in the future. I was always very bad at taking compliments, and now I work hard at saying thanks when people give me these. Finally, like with my team I use really focused constructive feedback to improve my performance the next time and focus on one area each time to improve.

I’d love to hear what you do to improve your performance.