Thank you, Gary Doherty, for the amazing Think Self-Belief event recently, which was a great success and huge energy in the room. As one of the speakers, I thought I’d share with you my story and key lessons one at a time.

This is probably the only lesson that doesn’t affect me, but I regularly witness people who are stopped by fear, and it kills more dreams than failure ever will. In humans the purpose of fear was to promote survival and enable people to identify the saber-tooth tiger and protect themselves. However, people haven’t realised most things they now fear is not necessary for their survival. According to Bob Proctor, the world number one prosperous coach 92% of what people fear is not real. Of the 8% that is real, people can only control 4% of those. I use the analogy fear is like a fire in your living room. When it’s in the hearth it warms the room, drives you on and keeps you on your toes to achieve great success. It fuels you on to achieve your goals. But when it sparks out and engulfs the room, it controls and debilitates you. The word fearless is often used to describe people, which I don’t agree with. Everyone feels fear at different points, the only difference is between those who have developed the ability to manage it. From my experience the more often you do something that scares you, the greater your ability to manage fear effectively.

So what have you done recently that you were scared of and what was the outcome?