Thank you, Gary Doherty, for the amazing Think Self-Belief event recently, which was a great success and huge energy in the room. As one of the speakers, I thought I’d share with you my story and key lessons one at a time.

“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.” (Albert Einstein).

As I reflected on my journey in business, and as a leadership coach one of the most critical aspects I can attribute to what I have achieved is the people I’ve surrounded myself with. I’ve been so lucky to have the most amazing coaches and mentors throughout my career who have supported and guided me to achieve things I never believed possible. I’ve a very close group of people in my personal life who support and champion me through the successes and challenges. However, I’ve also witnessed people who have negative people in their life. This can happen in their professional life or personal life. A colleague or a boss who goes out of their way to undermine you or hold you back. What can be more detrimental is people in your personal life who hold you back. Often they think they are protecting you when you want to achieve more, but I don’t believe they are. So surround yourself in life with great people personally and professionally who will support and challenge you so you can achieve even greater success.