Thank you, Gary Doherty, for the amazing Think Self-Belief event recently, which was a great success and huge energy in the room. As one of the speakers, I thought I’d share with you my story and key lessons one at a time.

With a vivid imagination and creativity since a child, I’ve always been coming up with new ideas and innovative ways to improve the business or disrupt an industry and create something new. I’ve created many clear pictures in my mind of things I wanted and was able to achieve these. International leading Coach Bob Proctor said, “people make the big mistake in life of saying I’ll believe it when I see it.” You need to first believe it and create it in your mind before it will happen or you will see it. The first step is we think of something, which creates a feeling inside us. A good thought creates for example a happy feeling, and a bad thought creates a sad or angry feeling. With these two, we then take action. All three of these together the thought, feeling and action then dictates our results and outcomes. So, if you want to achieve greater outcomes, you firstly need to develop better thoughts. I wasn’t aware of the science behind this technique until I trained as a coach and learned the power of NLP and visualisation, which is scientifically proven to work. I know it works, because in 2018 I created and opened Northern Ireland’s first Lifestyle Care Home, which disrupted the elderly healthcare market. For 18 months prior to the opening, I could clearly see the home, the staff, what it felt like which was a crucial factor to it’s launch and ongoing success. This was against a backdrop of numerous people who said it would never work. So whatever you want to achieve visualise it daily to help make it a reality.

I’d love to hear an idea you visualised that you’ve made a reality.