It’s hard to believe it’s two weeks since the first “Hear Her” event at Glandore Belfast. I was honoured to be one of the speakers, with a room full of energy, ability and experience to learn from.

Here are my key takeaways and lessons from the event.

Rosie Gormley COO of TP ICAP Belfast, claiming not to be an entrepreneur but definitely a corporate through and through still gave many tips and advice for the entrepreneurs and leaders in the room. She taught us the change in the corporate landscape, where organisations now have to be flexible around employees and their ideas. You don’t have to own your own business to be an entrepreneur you can be entrepreneurial within an organisation and create innovative ideas and solutions to improve the organisation.

Gabi Burnside, Entrepreneur Acceleration Manager at Ulster Bank gave words of wisdom on what she has learnt from the business start up scene. When starting a business focus on the problem firstly, and always build a strong business network around you for support as entrepreneurship is a lonely place.

Sarah McAnallen founder & CEO of McAnallen, has an inspiring story of becoming an Entrepreneur on the basis of trying to solve a very simple problem for her mother creating luxurious mobility aids. The story of a true entrepreneur who focuses on the problem and their “Why” firstly and builds her business around this. Enjoying the journey of being an entrepreneur as she likes to drive her own path, but giving examples of the challenges and sacrifices you make when you’re running your own business.

Fiona Kelly, the Director of New Projects at Glandore has worked with her father and two sisters in the Glandore business growing it across Ireland. She contributed their success not only to their family values but the family ethos among their whole team across Ireland. A key lesson, no matter how good a business is, it’s always the people who really make the difference.

Thanks again to the whole team at Glandore and the Kelly Family for such an enjoyable night.