In my coaching career, I have had the pleasure of working with many inspirational leaders who share a growth mindset, are focused on developing themselves, their teams and have the ultimate aim of growing their business. I’m honoured to be part of their journey, partnering with them to achieve greater success. I partner with leaders from all industries and business stages. Recent clients include: Directors, senior leaders and entrepreneurs, from a range of organisations, such as SMEs, family businesses, large organisations and scale-ups.
Support is provided to help maximise potential, add value, and achieve growth never imagined. Although different, each leader shares similar characteristics.

I have coached leaders in various organisations:


Great leaders have certain characteristics in common – qualities that make them resilient, visionary and above all, successful.


In business and coaching other leaders Cara’s experienced first-hand, the transformational impact coaching has on individuals and organisations.

  • Disrupted healthcare industry, creating NI’s first Lifestyle Care Home.
  • Year 1 achieved 100% occupancy, prices 30% above market and awarded Care Home of the Year 2018
  • Business re-development increased profit up to 70%
  • Built high performing team, turning around from negative influencers improved KPIS 4% – 8%
  • Strategic growth, innovation and improvement increased revenue by 110%, employees by 140% and over 30 industry awards
  • Developed dozens successful leaders managing multi-million pound businesses and recognised award winning industry leaders
  • Culture change project across 450 staff improved attrition by 12%


Through experience and coaching other leaders, Cara’s witnessed the challenges and doubts leaders face at some stage. The inner critic allows self-sabotage – fear, criticism and doubt, asking yourself ‘Am I able to do this?, Is it really worth it?, ‘Other leaders are successful and make it look so easy, so what am I doing wrong?’ Every leader has experienced this, made mistakes and been through tough times.

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Cara is extremely skilled, considerate and professional. She embodies leadership, isn’t afraid to listen and learn from those around her. Her leadership encourages the best in people, and she understands the importance of cultivating a good team. It is certainly rare to meet someone who understands business the way she does and the intricacies of leading a team to achieve their peak performance.

Working with Cara has been an absolute pleasure. She is enthusiastic, hard-working, brimming with excellent ideas, passionate and has such an ambitious drive that is very rarely seen. Cara has a wealth of knowledge of business and is willing to share it to help organisations move forward in the best way for the entire team. She is one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the privilege to work with and would recommend her unconditionally to any organisation who wants to do better business.

Cara is incredibly intuitive, a great listener, and highly pragmatic and has found her calling as a leadership coach. Needless to say, she is a very successful business person backed with years of first hand experience in a challenging industry. Cara quickly assesses, invokes thoughts, constructively challenges opinion and above all relates the discussion to real life scenarios and examples. I highly recommend Cara’s services to any leader or Executive who is looking for a leadership coach.

Working with Cara accelerated my progressing my career and personal life priorities. I was stuck with important decisions to make and she created an atmosphere and structure that helped me to gain personal insights and find the best solutions. Cara’s extensive business experience was invaluable in our coaching sessions, but she found the right balance in helping me find my own solutions right for my situation. It is rare to find such an excellent empathetic coach who is also and experienced executive. I would highly recommend working with Cara.

I was lucky enough to be mentored by Cara while I was training as a coach. Her support and guidance had a significant impact on my journey. It is rare to find someone with such a depth of understanding coupled with strong business acumen. As a fellow woman in business & coaching, she is a role model & inspiration.

As a coach Cara has a wonderful style which is very relaxed and gentle, direct and forward moving. She created a safe space for me to raise some really difficult issues, and challenged my thinking guiding me to action.


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